My athletic journey started around age 12 when I began competitively inline speedskating. I traveled, competed, and trained all over the country including going to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I watched other speedskaters train and I remember one of them being on a spin bike in the corner of the complex. That’s when my coach told me that cycling was one of the best forms of cross training. Fast forward to my early 20’s, a friend of mine took me to a spin class and I was hooked. As I kept going to these classes I kept thinking to myself, “I can do this, this music can be better, I can definitely do this.” The next thing I know, I am saving up all my commission checks from my corporate recruiting job so I can start my journey as a spin instructor/personal trainer/business owner. In 2015, I quit my job, bought 15 spin bikes, found a space in a warehouse and Viral Fitness, LLC was born. Due to multiple head injuries from my roller derby career, I had to sell my bikes and put Viral Fitness as a studio on hold. From there I worked at various cycle studios, trained with some of the best instructors in the business and learned so much.
Here I am 6 years later with more knowledge, experience, and life lessons ready to do it again but slightly different this time. They say location is everything and that is exactly what I was missing before. I grew up in Denton and spent most of my life there, so it holds a special place in my heart. I have spent the last year in Denton building a strong community and a following for cycling (and training) and I am not done. I am a natural leader and with my competitive background, I strive to be successful and continue to find ways to better myself and the people that surround me. I want to have an inclusive space for people to feel like they belong and what better place than a fitness studio that offers cardio, strength training and comradery. Not to mention, genuine coaches and people that are relatable to the community of Denton. I want to highlight small businesses and create partnerships that will help everyone grow. Working out doesn’t have to be something you dread; it can be more than that and that’s what I am here to prove. So, here’s to continuing the journey and meeting amazing people and friends along the way!