608 E Hickory St. #120, Denton, TX 76205

Our Classes

We offer a comprehensive set of classes designed to improve your physical health while also caring for your mental and emotional health.

Indoor Cycling

Choose from 30-, 45-, and 60-minute long, interval-based classes that cater to all skill levels. They provide a low impact workout as you move with the music and your coach matches your speed to the beat of each song. For an even more intense experience, come try a Choreo Cycle class. Our coaches integrate upper-body movements so the whole room is in sync!


Strength classes are offered in 30- and 45-minute formats that can be modified for any skill level. These coach-led, full-body workouts provide functional training through various styles including High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), circuit, and weight lifting.


Yoga classes are 60 minutes of relaxation, peace, and stability that can be modified for all skill levels. We offer power flow and Hatha (focusing on slower movements, dynamic and deep stretching/controlled breathing) sessions throughout the week.


Hybrid classes are 55 minute classes that are 30 minutes of cycle followed by 20 minutes of strength (5 minute transition from one to the other). Get your daily dose of cardio AND functional training in less than an hour!